Monday, January 18, 2010

A Whole New Direction

Until now, I have focused mainly on children's portraiture.  There's nothing wrong with that.  Kids are cute and they're fun to take pictures of.  Then I joined Flickr.

It started innocently enough.  I only joined because I wanted to enter a contest on The Pioneer Woman Blog.  So, I uploaded one picture.  But then, my page felt empty so I uploaded a few more.  Not very many, mind you.  I mean, I wasn't going to "join" Flickr.  Flickr is just for people to upload their snapshots to show their friends and family.  Right?  Right?

Then I started to explore.

I found some amazing resources for downloading textures to add to my photos.  Check out pareeerica, rubyblossom, and skeletalmess, to name only a few.  Then I joined a few groups and my horizons opened even more.

What I have discovered since then is that Flickr isn't just for people to upload their snapshots.  It's full of some absolutely incredible artists.  Who knew?!?

Now I'm inspired all over again.  The way I look at art and photography is changing and it's kind of exciting.  Here are a few new things I'm working on.  Take a look at my Flickr page to see where all the source images came from.  I'm eternally grateful for the generosity of the artists on Flickr.

As I discover artists that I like I'm posting links to their blogs or websites here. Check them out if you have the time.

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