Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Heritage Photos

I love creating images with vintage photos.  There's just something magical about them that you don't find in contemporary photography.

A few years ago, I inherited a group of old family photos from my Grandmother, some dating back to the late 1800s.  I look through them every now and again and then I put them back in their box, but recently I've decided that they need to come out and see the light of day.  So, my scanner got a workout and then they went back into their box safe and sound.  Don't you just love technology?

In this first image, I used a photo of my Great-Grandfather (he's the one in the middle) and his siblings from the early 1900s and I placed them on one of the new Dramatic Backgrounds by Holliewood Studios.

Please see my Flickr page for full credits

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure how I'm related to this woman but I love her.  She has such a great smile and looks like someone who loves adventure and doesn't care about the rules. I thought this old photochrome image from the Library of Congress fit her perfectly.  Now that I think about it, it's possible that she's one of the little girls in the image above.

Please see my Flickr page for full credits

I love that I'm able to honor their memory by letting them live again in art.  I plan on creating quite a few more of these so stay tuned! :-D


  1. oh Amy, they are both magical! I love vintage images too, sometimes I try to imagine what it was like to live back then. Do you think in a hundred years someone will be doing this to our photos?

  2. These are fabulous! I had a similar idea after visiting family earlier this year. I scanned a whole bunch of my Dad's old family photos; great grandmothers, aunts etc. But when I got home I found that they've been compiled into a weird file that I can't open on my PC. I'm able to get at them using my husbands PC but it's a giant hassle I haven't yet bother with! Anyway, these came out really well!


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