Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Farewell To Innocence

As my children continue to grow and face new challenges I find myself missing the preschool years.  Things were so much simpler then.  I wish I could just keep them in a safe little bubble forever but I know I can't and that they need to learn and grow and make their own mistakes.

Kitsch, the new kit by Holliewood Studios, reminded me of my own childhood and gave me the perfect tools to illustrate that change between childhood and young adulthood.

The image below features my daughter, who I purposefully placed off to the side, because anyone who knows her will tell you that she is a free spirit and isn't about to follow a path laid out by someone else.

Am I the only one who thinks this whole parenthood thing is a lot harder than they let on?


  1. Oh Amy, it is just so true isn't it? I feel exactly the same way as you when I look at my children. Yes, it is the hardest thing we will ever do, being a mother, and also the most rewarding. Your layout is lovely.

  2. I've been thinking the same thing myself. And am beginning the think the whole carefree childhood thing is a myth.

    Love the curved horizon here.

    Nancee_art from Flickr

  3. It is so beautiful Amy...thought I left a comment the other day, but I must have forgot to hit post, lol!

    Its amazing how quickly they grow up...

  4. Totally in with you on this! My youngest 2 are girls and beginning their teens with tudes to boot...and they are so independant and want to do things without the Mom...and honestly it scares me. I too, just want to follow behind and protect them from all the evils of the world. It is scary out there! Feel like my hands and legs are bound, feeling helpless watching them go out into the world. It sounds like you did a wonderful job with your DD as she is her own person and will do great things! I will shut up now! lol xoxo


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