Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Every now and then I come across an image that really touches me. I fell immediately in love with the couple from Tumble Fish Studio's new element pack: Miscellany. The way they were holding hands was so sweet and charming they seemed like two parts of one being.

Marsha (Tumble Fish Studio) has some of the most unique vintage images and ephemera that I have ever seen. If you aren't familiar with her element packs please head on over to and take a look at her stunning collection.

Please see my Flickr page for full credits


  1. This is really sweet. I love how you've split the wings between them to symbolize their unity. Love is most certainly a metamorphosis of the soul.

  2. Amy - this is beyond and above my favorite piece from you in at least three days! I mean it, it's always such a delicious emotional experience when you post a new piece. But, I can't even think how this couple could be placed any better.


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