Sunday, June 6, 2010


I've been hearing about Somerset Studio for awhile now.  Usually it's in reference to someone saying "free images from Somerset Studio" or "I was just published in Somerset Studio".  So, while I was at the mall the other day I stopped into Borders to see if they had any of the many Somerset publications.  I was really excited when I saw almost an entire section full of Somerset!  I picked up Somerset Studio, Somerset Digital Studio, and Somerset Apprentice.

Then I started flipping through the pages. 

I was blown away by the talented artists featured in each one.  The coolest thing was that every few pages I'd find myself saying "I know that person!"  It was like an Artists Yearbook filled with my friends from Flickr, Deviant Scrap, and Creative Souls!  Plus, they were all talking about how they created their art.  Talk about inspiration overload!

I've been toying with the idea of trying mixed media art and actually getting my hands dirty but I've been a little intimidated because I have no idea how to start.  That's why I was really happy to find Somerset Apprentice because it's all about step-by-step tutorials and techniques.

So, my next step is to set up an area in my house dedicated to art.  I'm really excited to get started!

I'm going to stop babbling now and go drown myself in these magazines.  Then it's off to the art supply store!!

In the meantime, I'd like to share a new image called "The Architect" that I recently created using the new City Limits and Juicy Grids kits from Tumble Fish Studio.  I love these kits!!

As always please see my Flickr page for full credits


  1. Ohhh, Amy! I'm soooo thrilled that you're going to give mixed media a try!!! Be careful - it's very addictive!!! LOL!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

    PS I love this guy!!!

  2. Oh yeah! We've converted one...mmmmmwwwaaaahhhhh! Welcome to the world of altered art! You will love it so much! Nothing like the feeling of gel medium all over your fingers...

  3. I love altered art! I'd do more of it but my cats like to steal and eat things. Grr. I'm thrilled to hear you're setting up an art space; I was so excited when I finally took over the guest bedroom!

  4. Amy, your creative talent is amazing! Keep expanding.


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