Sunday, July 11, 2010

My New Studio!

After weeks of dealing with scammers and flakes on craigslist we were finally able to sell our extra couch to a really nice person.  Why is this important you ask?  Because, selling that couch opened up a huge amount of space in our house and allowed me to finally create my own art studio/office.  I'm so excited!!  I would like to thank my wonderful husband for agreeing that having a dining room was less important.  Besides, it's summer, we can eat outside, right?

Without further ado, here it is!  It's a little sparse and way too clean and organized but a few months of playing with paint should cure that.

I love that I get to be surrounded by some of my favorite things and I'll get to keep adding more as time goes on.  My computer desk was handmade by my grandfather in his woodshop class back in the 30s and I used to do my homework on it when I lived with my grandparents during my 7th grade year.  Sitting on top of my monitor is a little iron fairy.  She helps me to see the magic.  Above the desk is a panoramic photo of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco.  The Palace of Fine Arts, rebuilt and renovated many times, is the only thing still standing today.  In the corner is an antique dress form that I found on Ebay many years ago.  We call her "Betty".  My art table is our former dining room table and it has a leaf that flips up if I need more workspace.  Above the table is artwork created by my daughter.  It will be a revolving gallery as we continue to create new pieces.  And up in the right corner is a weathered sign that says "Follow Your Dreams".

Thank you to all the people who have encouraged me to follow mine.


  1. Oh my what a deliciously wonderful space! I'm so glad you've managed to carve out a little niche of your own. You've made it into such a beautfiul space. Your grandfather's desk is a real inspiration. I'm very jealous of your fabulous new studio!

  2. What a fabulous space to work in, Amy!!! And I LOVE that it's filled with inspiration and so many meaningful things. Enjoy many, many happy, creative and artful hours in your new space!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. It looks beautiful, Amy! You are so artistic, that I can just imagine all of the wonderful creations that will emerge from this hallowed place. (BTW, where did you relocate the antique radio?) Congratulations on a fine design! XO Chris

  4. How fun to see your space! It looks like heaven to me! I have plenty of counter and cabinets we had built a couple of years ago, but it is the "family room". We actually built 4 different workstations in the family room and there is lots of perks to it. The downside is, everyone always ends up in here and I can't close the door and keep them out! So, I envy your space and the special desk and prized art pieces and especially, your door!

  5. Oh wait, I see that your door doesn't have a door! It look so private and peaceful in there. Okay, so my recommendation - add a door!

  6. Such a gorgeous space!! Look at that gorgeous lighting coming in from that!! I love the dress form too xo


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