Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Tween Years

The tween years can be a confusing time for girls.  They want to be grown up so badly but at the same time they're still just little girls.  My daughter will be turning nine in a couple of months and I really wanted to capture an image of this internal conflict.  I shot the image below while on the beach during our recent trip up to Seattle, WA.

The background texture is from Jerry Jones at Shadowhouse Creations and the fabulous brushes are from TotallyWild Dezinez at DeviantScrap.  The thing I love about these brushes is that they not only come as separate .abr files but they also come as .png clusters.  This means that you can use them as standard brushes and add your own colors and create your own layers or you can use them as standard pre-made image layers.  This image was created using the On The Wall Cluster Brushes and the Butterfly Cluster Brushes.


  1. I'm kind of really jealous of this. It's beautiful. You've definitely captured the emotions that exist in that borderland between childhood and teen years. I'm sure this will be a photo that your daughter always treasures.

  2. OOh this is really beautiful. And I know exactly what you mean ... i have a daughter (almost 10) and she loves doing her hair, trying out a little make-up....and playing with dolls!


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